Nanuk Narratives: Polar Bear Docuseries

Nanuk Narratives: Polar Bear Docuseries2023

Polar bears are foundational in Inuit livelihoods, well-being, and culture throughout Inuit Nunangat, yet they face a variety of threats which impact their habitat and population, including sea ice loss and management challenges related to lack of cross-regional coordination and communication. As bears are spending more time on land, there have – and will continue to be – increased interactions with coastal communities. At the same time, Inuit experiences with, and knowledge of, polar bears is often lacking in management decisions and policy making. The need for Inuit leadership in polar bear management, to keep both bears and people safe within this changing context, has never been greater. This multi-year project focuses on the documentation, preservation, and communication of Inuit Knowledge about polar bears and their relationships with communities to support Inuit-led polar bear stewardship in Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut. This project documents Inuit knowledge, observations, and relationships with polar bears through video, and using these videos for education and research purposes. We are collaborating on this project with the Torngat Wildlife, Plants, and Fisheries Secretariat and the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board.